Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, Birthday!

K had a birthday and we shouted hooray! He turned 10 and we're all shocked that he's already a decade.
 His one true love is still cars. He has loved them his whole life and that's what he wants for every birthday and Christmas. He has been asking for a truck pulling a trailer or a truck pulling a boat for like....4 years. No lie. We have looked and looked and just haven't found anything he would like. Well, in January, I was walking through the store and there on the shelf was exactly what he wanted! I couldn't help myself and I bought him both. It was so hard for me to not tell him about his gifts that I had carefully hidden in plain sight. This kid get's his observation skills from his dad. Truly, I bought the trucks pulling things in January, put them in the closet and there they sat, unnoticed until his birthday in May. I actually am super thankful that he is super unobservant because then we can buy gifts for him when he's with us, like, after he has tried something on, and he doesn't notice. That happened just last week and I'm really excited for the Christmas gift we got him. Anyway,

 He was so excited to open his first truck. He said,"yes! I have always wanted one of these!"

 When his next gift was another truck, he was over the moon! Getting a gift for your kids that you know they will love is so awesome! I truly love it.

I don't really know why our kids ask for cake. No one eats it because, well, cake is disgusting. I tried telling him he could blow candles out on a doughnut, also disgusting, but he really likes them. Or he could do it with no bake cookies. Nope, he wanted a cake. So he blew out the candles and then we threw the cake away. Of course a birthday means new pictures for the wall.

BAHAHAHA!!! Holy smokes, I love this one!

This is all of K in one picture. He is happy and loves life. He's really funny and has one of the best laughs on the planet. We love him and are so happy that he's ours forever.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Snowbird and girl shenanigans

How is it possible that Snowbird already came around again? I feel like we just went and then I blinked and it was time to go again. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't love Snowbird. It's a long drive and for one that doesn't ski it's not super exciting. However, all members of this little family love to go and so, to Snowbird we went.

The littles skied and all three of them have gotten better. There were also a couple first's while we were there.

Little B decided that he was big enough to do the chair lift by himself. B about had a heart attack, I thought it was adorable.

What goes up....

must come down. She loved her first ski ride. B said she laughed on the chair lift and laughed on the way down. She went down two or three times. By the last time she went she was too cold and content to hang out with me under the chair lift.

Beach babies eat sand, ski babies eat snow.  She would say hi to people and was so happy just watching the skiers. 

B had big plans to ski with his siblings that live in Utah but they all bailed on him except for J. They spent the day skiing and had a great time.

I've never seen him ski, on the big hills, and it kind of makes me sad that we can't do it together. Even if I did ski I wouldn't want to go on the huge ones that he likes so it's best if I stick to the warm rooms, the book reading and the kid duty. I am glad that he got to go and that J was able to go with him.

We got to meet sweet little E for the first time. Holy smokes, she's so cute! She is bald and I love bald babies. She is 8 months younger than A so A would sometimes try to attack her. We tried to keep the eye pokes and the screams in the face to a minimum.  

She loved to be thrown in the air.

When B would catch her she would say,"gain, gain."

So, we went to Snowbird and they skied and we swam and I said things I shouldn't have said. All of those are normal things. What's not normal is the snow that came at the end of the stay,

If I remember right it had started to snow on Thursday night. The plan was to leave Friday morning and this is what Friday looked like. The days they had skied had been sunny and warm. Warm enough that they were fine with just sweatshirts on whilst they zoomed down the hill at near neck breaking speeds. So to have two feet of fresh powder and have to dig out the truck was totally unexpected. Another event that wasn't normal was that I left early to go on a sister's weekend in California!!!! I cried when I said goodbye to B and I couldn't sleep without him but being able to see all but two of my sisters was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

We are missing the two oldest. We're in order of age from left to right. We came from Utah, Texas, Montana, Idaho and Arizona. E, the second one from the left made us these shirts and as we gallivanted around California, people asked us what group we were with. To be able to tell people we were all sisters was so awesome!

We had rented bikes to ride along the beach. There were two tandem bikes and one electric bike that had a basket for someone to sit in. The original plan was to have S sit in the basket since she's pregnant but she said no way and so T was the brave one that climbed in first. To say that our bike ride was a fiasco would be a gigantic understatement. G and M are on the tandem bike right next to me. Little did anyone know that G, CAN'T RIDE A BIKE!!!! You would think that would be very important information to know. She claims that she can ride a bike, just not a tandem one. But when we tried to cross the intersection G and M caused quite a scene as they went diagonally instead of straight across. Then E who is trying to ride the electric bike with T in the basket, couldn't even hold it up to get it to start. So S and S who were on the other tandem bike and myself had made it across the street without incident and stopped at the light. The other's walked up with their bikes and said G should be in the basket because she's a terrible bicyclist and shouldn't be anywhere near anything with pedals. So she went in the basket and T went to be with M but they couldn't do the tandem bike either. The light turned green and S and S and I had crossed another street and gone down the hill only to notice about ten million people walking around. So, S the elder, said that maybe we shouldn't ride the bikes. Everyone was in agreement and so to the bike shop we went to return the bikes. 

We walked on the pier and laughed and talked. Then we went shopping. For like 7 hours. It's amazing to not have children with you and be able to look at all the weird stuff out there. There is some really weird stuff out there. I was on a quest to find a sports bra WITHOUT removable cups. What idiot came up with the idea of removable cups?! People! All I have is nipples. I need to be able to cover those up so I need padding. When I wash something I don't want to disassemble it in order to wash it. I know, I know, first world problem. I did find some at Victoria Secret but they were all too big, no shock there. Anyway, needless to say I came home without new sports bra's. However, there was a Tesla.... store? I don't really know what it was. All I know is that there were two Tesla's sitting in a room thing and I got to sit in them. It. Was. Awesome! As we were driving around I started counting the amazing cars that I saw. I saw four Lamborghini's, two Ferrari's, one Maserati and so many Tesla'a they became common. I love to see sweet cars and watch them as they drive by but owning a car like that is not something I want. I talk about owning a Tesla like I talk about Walter, the great Dane I want. Walter and a Tesla will always live in my imagination because I love the idea of them, but not to have them in real life.

Saturday morning we went to the Huntington Beach temple. It was beautiful in there. I loved being in there with my sisters. I love knowing that families are forever and that these ladies are stuck with me. 

After the temple we went to the Pier for lunch and we were able to watch some of a jet ski race. It was awesome! While I was standing there I was thinking that the boys in my family would have loved to watch this. It truly was amazing and I loved watching it.

Saturday night was full of Sushi, although I didn't eat any. I was totally content with the Oreo's that were on the counter. Then S dyed my hair for me! G was the assistant but S did the grunt work. Usually I have to do it myself and it takes close to one million years. It was amazing to have her do it for me. While she did it the rest of the ladies were sitting around the counter and on the couch and we talked. We talked about life, and kids and families. We laughed, we cried, we made fun of each other,  we ate, played a game and went through clothes that E brought that she no longer wanted and celebrated S's 30th birthday! 

It was pretty hot in our room so T decided that she would sleep out on the balcony. We thought she was kidding, she wasn't. She took the couch cushions out there and read her book until her eyeballs couldn't stay open and then off to sleep she went. Sister's are the best. I don't know what I would do without my sister's. Girlfriends are great, especially good ones,  but sister's can understand you on a level that not many people can. We can talk about a million different things and cry simply because someone else is crying. Not because we had experienced the exact same thing, per say, but because sister's get it. To steal a couple minutes and be alone with any one of them, can result in a good laugh, a good talk, a good cry or a good hug because laughter, words or tears aren't enough and what they need is a hug. We live far apart from each other and there are some days that I miss my sister's so much it feels sad in the middle of my stomach. Our husband's are amazing to let us go and be willing to hold down our forts . I love my sister's and I'm so thankful that we got to be together for a few days.


Monday, April 23, 2018

There's a conference in Hawaii?!

I just dusted. That's how far I'm willing to go to not do an update. I hate dusting. A huge reason I don't like cute stuff in our house is because I don't want to dust them. I was at the store with a friend and she picked up a wire ball thing and said I should get it. I asked what one does with something like that and if I would have to dust it. She just laughed and I'm not sure if it was because I didn't know what to do with the object or the fact that I asked if I would have to dust it. Either way it stayed at the store because I hate having stuff, especially stuff that I am expected to dust so that when people who like stuff come into my house they say,"oh I like your stuff." Instead of,"oh, you should dust your stuff." Anyway, all I'm saying is that I hate dusting. Blah, blah blah. Ok, so B needed to get continuing education stuff for work. Last year he just did it online and we stayed home and it was great. This year, he wanted to go to a conference in Hawaii! It didn't take a whole lot of convincing for me to agree to tag along. However, I was worried that A was going to freak out when grandma B came to watch the kiddos. A doesn't really like people. When we go to Costco and people talk to her, she bursts into tears. I was just a little worried about leaving her. I was worried that she would cry the whole time and B's mom would go totally nuts. Taking care of kids is hard, especially not your own and if one of them cries the whole time, it might lead to... swearing. Anyway, we prayed real hard that she would be ok and off we went. His conference was Monday-Wednesday until 1:00. So in the morning I went running and read my book. In the afternoons we hiked and swam and hunted for sea turtles.

We didn't know that there was a temple in Kona and so we didn't take temple stuff but we went to Target on Saturday after we landed  and of course B was wearing a BYU shirt. The cashier was a member and told us where church was and what time. We went and the temple was right behind the church. It was beautiful! It's always amazing to me that the spirit of the temple can be felt even on the temple grounds.

Of course when one is in Hawaii, you go snorkeling. The water was moody and there were some spots that weren't too cold and then you would feel like you were in the Arctic Sea. Truly, the freezing spots were shockingly freezing.

These yellow fish were fearless. Not that we gave them a reason to be scared of us but all the other fish in the sea would swim away. The yellow fellas would swim towards us. I think fish are freaky anyway but to be stared down by one is almost nightmarish. 

We went on a manta ray dive. At night. In the ocean. It was scary. Really scary. I had no idea that manta ray's are so big. You can't tell but they have an average wing span of  14 feet. They don't have a barb or teeth so they can't hurt you. We learned that to get a baby manta ray they lay an egg inside their belly. The egg hatches in utero and then the baby grows and is born alive. Baby is born wrapped with it's wings wrapped around itself, like a burrito. At birth, they open their fins and swim away, they are born totally independent. I thought that was pretty awesome.

The resort had a pretty sweet pool.I hate swimming because the water is always always too cold. B got me a long sleeved swimsuit. It's made out of wet suit material so it was a little warmer, but not enough to be in the pool for real long. Truthfully, I think I lasted about 20 minutes and 10 minutes of that was trying to get a good kissing under water picture. I may or may not have messed those pictures up on purpose just so we would have to try again 😉. 

We rented some paddleboards and from the top of the water, we saw sea turtles! We went and grabbed our snorkel stuff and tried to see them under water.

They were so cool!
Here's my question. Can they give off a film? We would be swimming  and then all the sudden the water would go really cloudy and when it would clear, the turtle would be pretty far away. We tried to give them space but when the water would go cloudy and we couldn't see them, sometimes when it would clear, there would be one right under us. I felt bad for crowding them out, so we didn't linger by them for too long.

See that beach waaaaaayyyyy down there? We hiked down to it. It's a mile down a 25% grade hill. You can drive it if you have four wheel drive. If not, you walk it. The walk down wasn't too bad.
Although I did feel like I was going to fall backwards if I didn't keep walking.

We made it to the bottom and touched the black sand. It was pretty cool. Who are we kidding? I hate sand no matter what color it is. I did everything in my power not to get my shoes wet so the sand wouldn't stick to them. 

Holy crap the mile up was so hard! We both feel like we're in pretty good shape, not perfect, but good enough.  However, walking up hill for a mile at a 25% incline the entire time was a lot harder than we thought it would be. We saw people walking down with their little kids. Taking kids on a walk on a flat sidewalk has potential to result in whining that they want to go home and can't take another step. I feel like the hike up would have been a true disaster with little ones. Like, call in FEMA we need some assistance, type disaster.

This is what all restroom signs should look like. By the time I get around to going, this is exactly how I feel. 

We saw Akaka Falls, the tallest free falling waterfall in Hawaii

We saw Rainbow falls. Not the tallest free falling waterfall in Hawaii.

We saw the glow from the volcano from a distance. We had scheduled a lava hike where we would hike out to the lave flow and see it up close, but our tour got cancelled because of bad weather. This was the closest we got to it. It's probably for the best because I want to touch lava so bad! I can't wait to get to Heaven and be able to touch lava and ride on a tiger and swim with a hippo. It'll be so so awesome!

We saw this cool sea arch. I was standing on the rocks reading the sign and some guy came over to me and said,"um, your foot's in my picture so you need to move." Got it. Sorry that my foot, on land, is going to be in your picture of a sea arch. What a weirdo. 

Hawaii sent us off with one last beautiful sunset. The week had gone by too fast and we were sad to leave but ready to be home. We loved being together and I loved having my boyfriend's total attention. It was cool to hold hands when we wanted to and make out on the couch before dinner. When B was at the conference it wasn't great but the time we had together was amazing!