Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The last day of school finally came! I swear, June 9 felt like it was never going to come. When school get's out I honestly don't know who's more excited, me or the kiddos. I am not one of those crafty, amazing moms that has hundreds of activity ideas written on popsicle sticks in an adorably painted mason jar that their children can pick from so they don't get bored in the summer. Nor am I the kind that makes them do math sheets and so many minutes of reading a day. I just want them to be kids. If they get bored I tell them that's ok and if it's bothering them so much, then do something about it. I love having them around. I love that even though we don't sleep in, much to my extreme dismay, we don't have to wake up and be somewhere. We don't have to get dressed and out the door. We just get to be and I love that!
Last day of school picture. Yay! What a wonderful, glorious day that filled us with total jubilation! B was on call which was a total drag. But since he was on call all weekend, he got Monday off. To beat the crowds and before it got too hot later in the summer, we decided to make the pilgrimage to Silverwood. It's the theme park for these parts of the world and the little's had free tickets from school.
The weather was fabulous, the crowds, almost nonexistent and the kiddos had a great time!

She got to hang out with me and little B for most of the day as B took M and K on the big roller coasters. I did go on a couple of the big rides but, I just don't love them. I am so content to watch little B as he runs from ride to ride. 

He found out that he's tall enough to do the bumper boats all by himself. 

At first, he was so happy to drive his little boat around and squirt the rocks and the plants.

Then this lady made the mistake of spraying him. Oh dear, he turned to face her, pulled his water gun trigger and didn't let go of it. He just kept spraying her.

She finally had to turn her boat and drive away. I wish the sun wasn't so bright on him because he has a huge smile on his face. When he got off the boat he told me he had sprayed her a lot and then he died laughing. As we were walking away I heard a guy as he nodded his head in little B's direction say,"There's that little kid that wouldn't stop spraying us. I had to move out of his stream of water." Little B can dish it but he can also take it. He was totally soaked and we had to take off his t-shirt and put on his jacket for the rest of the evening.

We told M and K that they didn't have a choice and had to go on the big roller coasters. We only pushed them because we knew they would love them if they gave it a go. K was nervous and fidgety but said that he would go. M was mostly excited but a little nervous too. 

Yes we take pictures on the rides. We know that one is supposed to keep items stowed away but, we don't listen. They loved the ride and wanted to go on it over and over. Silverwood was a total blast and we're so happy that we were able to go.

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  1. Fun, and free tickets?! Even better! I can totally hear little B laughing at shooting that lady with water, hilarious! I totally agree with your parenting style of making them go on the big rides, those are the ones they end up talking about and wanting to do again! A's smile just makes me so happy! And your end of school picture is stinkin' adorable!!!